Once and Again

This time it has started with my latest picture in the press: a photo of me and the business unit country manager during our biggest event in Israel in the beginning of July. He looks great. I look like a bull frog on a bad day. Luckily, I was not having a bad hair day too, or that would have been cause to start considering suicide.
But what has really pushed me over the edge was running into one of my old pictures from 2005: the last time I was anywhere close to my appropriate weight, looking more like a nymph than my actual pre-history fertility goddess look.

I then decided – yes, again, I know – that it was time to get thinner. But this time I mean it – yes, again, I know. My extra fat has its days counted: it will suffer the wrath of my chubby self on a temper.

However, those who really know me also know I’m not very disciplined when it comes to exercising. It bores me half to death, even though I try to stick to it as much as I possibly can.
Furthermore, I don’t eat much (long story for the next posts), hence there isn’t much I can do in terms of cutting on the calories.
I’m really left with my metabolism, which is as fast as a limping snail on a bumpy trail. Seriously, a Chinese acupuncturist, after a thorough examination, told me I was a walking wonder, since I shouldn’t be alive with an absent metabolism.

So, this is really a quest after my lost metabolism, and my attempt to make it catch up with the fast and crazy pace of my life. May the best podgy girl win!


walldream said...

Aren't we all?
You are the lucky being if you acctually own a photograph of yourself wearing the appropriate number of pounds your poor bone structure was meant to carry..
I don't even think I've EVER weighted my appropriate wieight...!!
I have began my battle as well!
May the greatest survive! As thin as a toothpick, as light as a feather.. As slim as a twig!

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