I’ve been feeling thirsty all the time. It remains to be seen if it has something to do with the 42 degrees weather or the magic herbs…


Another upside of taking metabolic acceleration pills: left the office tired, distraught and very annoyed. Decided to annihilate some ice cream on my way home. As never hungry, forgot about it on my way to the car. Two hours later, I am still to eat something.


Stress is known to get me fat even in the absence of food. (I know!! It’s very unfair.) Closing the quarter this week should have porked me up beyond recognition and, yet, I’m only a little bloated from fatigue, and my pair of jeans is threatening to fall on its own volition. The Lebanese magic herbs rock!


The biggest problem of not feeling hungry is eating. You can’t quit the damn thing! (It’s actually very simple: you stop eating and your reptilian brain thinks you are facing catastrophe – giant asteroids, exploding volcanoes, evil aliens and the likes – and food is now scarce. The result is simple: the metabolic rate reaches rock bottom and your body starts turning even air into fat.)

Hence, you have to start thinking about healthy food options to consume and, after figuring out you only have mean carbohydrates in your kitchen, you are left only with – I’m sure you’ve guessed by now – meat and water. Only you don’t want meat, and you’ve already had 56 glasses of water.

So you start considering a trip to the closest organic market in order to purchase such tasteful delicacies as gluten free, yeast free, whole wheat bread, or wholemeal buckwheat noodles. But – oh no! – they are also carbohydrates.

Finally, you resign yourself and grab an apple. The fourth in a day.


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